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SOON TO COME: The long awaited Update to the 1st Edition  (June 26, 1996) - Now expected to be a 2 Volume Work:

                                        ANTICIPATED RELEASE:  Spring of 2019

People who are taught to believe that God is a Trinity, and that Jesus is the second person of this triune God, are often directed to John 1:1 as one of a number of alleged scriptural validations for some facet of that teaching.  Begun in November of 1991, over twenty-seven years in the making, the following compilation of 446 renderings (principally of the third clause, along with many of their translators' remarks), has been brought together with the thought of furnishing a comprehensive tool, all in order to facilitate addressing certain questions, those of which will lend themselves as a help towards providing both a better understanding as well as a more accurate rendition of this very controversial verse, which some believe supports some aspect of the Trinity.

An Exhaustive Annotated Bibliography, A Comprehensive Historical Analysis* (Second Edition: Updated, Corrected & Revised), containing well over 1,250 pages (8 1/2" by 11"), about 624,000 words, offering a detailed bibliography, accquired from 17 different language sources, covering materials stretching through some 2,000 years.**

Although the primary focus of this work is centered on John 1:1, many of the other scriptures typically used by Trinitarians to substantiate their view that Jesus is God or that God is a Trinity are also addressed within our 26 appendixes, various facsimile illustrations and numerous charts.  Along with this, other Trinitarian related issues/topics are also comprehensively addressed by a vast number of scholarly, historical offerings.

By means of this unique publication (vol. 1 -
Main Text, vol. 2 - Appendices), our intention is to provide for the general reader - as well as the dedicated student of the Bible - a comprehensive sampling of what has been offered by many a well respected Scholars, that is, with respect to the many alternative renditions of this particular, so called, Trinitarian proof text.  Perhaps, to the surprise of some, will be the discovery that the works represented herein are those as having been culled from both Trinitarian and non-Trinitarian alike.

*BIBLIOGRAPHY: Where possible, we have listed the Author Name(s); their Birth/Death Dates (when known); Degrees/Qualifications; Full Title of Work;  Publisher Place, Name and Date; Page Number(s) referenced; The Library of Congress (Washington, D.C), The British Library (England) or The Online Computer Library Center [OCLC] (Dublin, Ohio) catalogue listing identifications.

**ANNOTATED: By way of our footnotes and endnotes, although not always in agreement with many of their final interpretations, we have attempted to provide for our readers what each scholar had to say, that is, as to their explanations and/or justifications for having worded the third clause of John 1:1 as something differen
t from the typical, Trinitarian influenced rendering, "and the Word was God."  

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